The two planting areas which will not be lawn or meadow are marked as Ornamental grasses on the above plan. These are the grasses that will be in these two small areas:



The small planting area shown in the triangular shaped area between the decking on the front lawn will have grasses similar to the ones shown here:



This is a photograph of the wildflower meadow at Angels House, in one of it's phases of bloom. The flowers change slowly creating a kaleidoscope effect over spring and summer.


The typical flowers included are in the mix are: 

Yarrow 5
Betony 3
Common knapweed 10
Wild foxglove 5
Ladys bedstraw 8
Cats ear 1
Ox eye daisy 7
Birdsfoot trefoil 3
Ragged robin 4
Musk mallow 5
Ribwort plantain 10
Meadow buttercup 10
Hay rattle 6
Common sorrel 10
Sheeps sorrel 10
Tufted vetch 3
Sweet vernal grass 5
Crested dogtail 15
Sheeps fescue 20
Red fescue 20
Slender red fescue 20
Smooth stalked meadow grass 20

The 'animal proof' wire mesh is 3.9 feet high, which I believe would be the minimum required to keep dogs in and will be held in place by fence posts as shown in the picture below, which are very strong but have very little visual impact: